Earth Being Destroy For Cokes and a Burger

Mother Earth, Gaia, A Living System Being Destroyed For a Coke and a Burger, For Oil, and Greed (02-19-06) Photoshop. Royalty Free Images including

Artist Statement: Mother Earth, called Gaia, because she is a living system is being destroyed by greed. In the picture Gaia is represented by a woman in the fetal position. She is tied down by the barbed wire. The coke can represents American culture which in part is self-ruled by instant gratification. For example, the rain forest are being cut down to turn them into grazing areas for beef so we can get a burger at the fast food joints. The Native Americans were wise conservators of this land. They took only what they needed. Today, faceless men and women start wars, and get obscenely rich in the process. They also write the laws, and tell us what to think and do. Gaia needs our protection, and we must re-learn to think for ourselves.

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