The more things change......

One aspect I have been enjoying both visually, and content, and of which I have been able to use
is Photoshop brushes. I have tried to put links to each site I have come across online here at "brush credits."

The following sites are just as cool.

Diablo Creative

Lost Dreams

Breed Art

Deviant Art 5 out of 4 stars. a must see.

Abnormis (" how can you not like this site already. free stock photography for your art work, among other things like ART....

ArtPolitic cool web design, and content.

Phirebrush "view, submit, enjoy" another must see.







Here are some mind blowing sites. You will as one friend put it, be entranced.

ZoneZero "From analog to digital."

Here are others

Photos of Marina Thorlacius

aquafemina :sacred feminine art and writing.

deviantART ya may hate the site, but ya gotta love the name

this next guy is pure genius.Ralph Steadman. May spook some. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Here links to wonderful international sites of artists' web sites, organizations that show survivors' art or
artists' with disabilities, Digital Artists' Sites, Photography Sites, Outsider Art, or just plain or not-so-plain sites,
including Spirituality/Humanism link .


VSA arts Home
Mark Harden's Artchive
Survivors Art Foundation
Vietnam Veterans Home Page: Arts of War and Peace Gallery (Of which,I am the curator).
National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum
The Survivor Modern Art Gallery
Survivor & Holocaust Art
Dan Levin Assemblage and Kinetic Sculpture
Susan Ritter Art as catalyst for social change
Peggy Villar Illustration
Imaginestation: Artist Portal, Art Community
Joods Historisch Museum- Charlotte Salomon
Jennifer Drolet Photography
Billy Blob check out this web designer/artist/ and Buzz section of site.
Warren Farr
brooke parrish - photographer
Planet Drive Shannon Palmer
RIKCAT Art of Rik Catlow - spirituality/humanism

Photography Photoshop and/or Painter Web sites

PBase Photo database
*Jeremy Sutton and Painter
SkyDancer's Digital Art


Social and Public Art Resource Center



Outsider Art/Art Brut/Naive/Folk

Matt Sesow
Carol Es
Ellie Alie
Annie Grgich
Beverly Sue Kay/
America Oh Yes! Folk and Outsider Art
HeadFooters Gallery (Good definition of what OUtsider art is...)
Raw Vision (Outstanding publication on OUtsider, Visionary, Naive, Folk, etc. art).
Intuit • Center for Intuitive and OUtsider Art
Josef Hofer Collection de l'Art Brut
Creative Growth
Hospital Audiences Inc. (HAI)
GRACE (Grass Roots And Community Effort)
High Museum of Art
Morris Museum of Art (A Southern Collection)
American Folk Art Museum Haus der Kunstler Gugging
Henry Boxer Gallery Modern British and European Artists
Intuit • Center for Intuitive & Outsider Art
American Visionary Art Museum
The Roadside Artists Gallery


Other Art-Related Sites

An excellent web directory Aigam