My name is Doug Yelmen. I started making art in 1968, while I was still in the military. Starting there, I had just gotten back from Vietnam. I was sent to Vietnam with 12 other men on our LCM-8s (Landing Craft) aboard the U.S.S. Monticello (LSD-35) in February 1968. We landed in Danang. We took off for Hue´shortly thereafter. At some point we sailed under our own power up to Dong Ha and Quang Tri on the Cau Viet river. All these places were in I Corps. Sort of Indian Country. We only stayed 3 months, then we were flown home. Mostly there are blank spots of my entire tour. I got out of the service two months after I got home, the day before I turned 21 as per my service agreement.

Once I got out I enrolled in college. I loved it. I studies art and psychology. I graduated with a BA in fine arts in 1975. During the time i was in school for my BA, I was married twice, and lived with another love. After I graduated I worked as a house painter, did odd jobs, even managed my mother's bar. I got sober on February 1, 1984. After a couple of years of sobriety (thank you AA), I started studying Alcohol and Drug Studies at the University of Santa Cruz Extension classes. About a year and a half into the two year program for my certificate, I decided to go back to San Jose State University for a Masters Degree in clinical Social Work. I did that from 1988 to 1990. For my thesis, or in reality, my Research Project, I studied the effects of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder on one's Family. That is, passing on PTSD to one's family. I think that the research I did for my MSW helped me get my job as a clinical social worker for the Department of Veteran Affairs. I worked at the San Jose Mental Health Clinic with combat Vietnam Vets. I should mention that I went to my first vet's group in 1982 after watching "The War Within" that Fred Gusman (who got the ball rolling within the VA along with several other visionaries for treating PTSD). After six years with the VA, I was given a disability retirement. I was no longer able to keep my own PTSD symptoms down. I had a great boss by the name of Nancy who helped get the retirement.

I did very little art work in the 80s. I was getting sober, and worked on getting my certificate in Drug and Alcohol Studies, and my MSW (Master in Social Work), so I was fairly busy. In the nineties, while working for the DVA, I returned to Vietnam to trace my "battle grounds" as I served on the rivers in I Corps, that sounds funny, but that is what i did. That was in Oct 1992. The following year, I went to the Wall (the Vietnam Veterans Memorial) for the first time. It was during this time that I did some of my best studio art work. <>. Particularly, "Untitled" and "War Sucks: Time Does NOT Heal All Wounds" and "Scream" which was actually done in the 70s. All three works were in a few shows. The favorite was "Scream." One vet bought a copy of this work, and called it avant-garde, which made me feel pretty darn good.

In 2003, I did a couple of works I feel good about, but not many. The ones I liked were "Vet Friends" and "Gregs," which has been my only commissioned work so far. but, I was getting ready to shut my studio down, and work only in digital form, which I did in 2004. You can see all of the work I have done on my home page . I love making these digital paintings (or collages). I can make a painting in days or week, rather than weeks or months, or even years with my canvass art. With my digital art, I can express many of the things I think about. Most are dark, but still beautiful. I occasionally do something that is lighter, and more serene. But, mostly they deal with social issues, and I love doing them, even if they are not always easy to do. I should add that I have taken an interest in photography more than ever before. I don't have a lot of show, for now, but to see what I have accomplished so far, see my Photography Section. This has been very rewarding, and I plan to do a lot more of it in the future.

I don't know if this will be of interest to anyone, but here goes.
For a camera, I use a Canon Digital Rebel D300. I use the lens that I bought with camera. I also have a Tamron 75-300 mm zoom lens. I use the Canon 430EX (as soon as it becomes available). I have several other cameras including a Nikon N-90 35mm, a Canon GL1 (fine digital video camera), a point and shoot Olympus, an old Nikon digital, an ancient 35mm camera I bought in Japan around 1967.

I have 4 computers, but what I use is my Apple Macintosh G5 with 2 GHz processors, 4.5 GBs of memory, a Canon i9900 printer, a HP Photosmart 1000 printer, an Epson Perfection 2450 scanner (does slides too), Well, that's it for the most part.

I hope you enjoy my site. I'd love to hear from you. I am at



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