Addiction Series #2

Addiction Series #2. 9.11.05. Doug Yelmen. Photoshop. Royalty Free Stock. Credits: Bloodly Sink: photobreed. Bosch, Hieronymous. Garden of Earthly Delights. Right Wing. "Hell". Grunewald. The Temptation of Saint Anthony. 1515. Panel from the Isenheim altarpiece: oil on wood. 269 x 307 cm. Musee d'Unterlinden, Colmar. Sad little girl phothograph by kronhamn stock.xchng One the many lesson here is what happens to our children that cannot be undone due to our addictions Addiction, whether, smokes, pills, (maybe even prescription drugs?) crack, lead to jail, insanity, death, or worse. But, I am an artist, a social critic but not a judge, so be it. . My compliments to the photographer shaggendas of "Crack, the other white meat." (stock.xchng)

Brushes credits

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