For My Female Friends With PTSD

For My Female Friends with PTSD. (05-05-05). (my daughter's birthday). Photoshop CS2
Royalty Free Stock. Brushes Credit.

Free copy upon request. to take a break from my usually darker musings, i created this picture in gratitude to my female (and male) friends who actually take the time and effort to visit my website to see my newest work even with aforementioned knowledge of my darker (and social critical) nature.

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note: i am using a different format than i usually do. i usually reduce an image from 300 dpi to 72 dpi. i use a 10 by 8 inch format. in this one, the dpi is 72, but the dimensions are 22 by 16 plus inches. i have seen this on some other sites, and liked it. hope it is ok with you.